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Texas Republic Security and Investigations

  • Unarmed Guards
  • Armed Guards
  • Private Investigator
  • Employment Application
  • SilverTrac 

Adult Care Facilities

There are over one million elderly and disabled adults living in nursing homes in the United States today; that figure is quickly approaching the two million mark. Our officers are trained in specialized care. We hire only competent and capable officers to work in our adult care facilities. CPR and First-aid are required. Training in soft restraints (only when approved by the care facility staff) and other specific training for our Adult Care Facilities.

Apartments and Townhomes

This system in conjunction with supervisor site inspections and other checks and balances virtually guarantees effectiveness.

We currently are exploring the existing in-house programs and are developing successful inaugural programs for new customers. Texas Republic Security understands your industry and is dedicated to the three “C’s” of tenant service: courteous staff, affordable cost and a consistently safe environment. Texas Republic Security wants to become your trusted advocate in your quest for 100% occupancy, and is excited to offer new clients a customized incentive. For a FREE on-site Security Consultation and quote, please call (210) 823-2475.

Auto Auction

Our officers are hand picked and specifically trained to deal with the special needs of Auto Auctions and the remarketing Industry.

Our company overview is as follows: Auto Actions are the world’s leading provider of automotive remarketing services to commercial sellers and dealers. We are also the leading technology provider in our industry, supplying tools to help commercial sellers and dealers to manage their businesses. The volume of vehicles requires a special Security Officers who pays close attention to details as well as a customer service oriented individual. Texas Republic Security is the company to handle all your needs.

For a FREE on-site Security Consultation and quote, please call (210) 823-2475.

High Rise Office Buildings

Texas Republic security possesses unique expertise and experience in providing commercial office building security and high-rise security services. We understand that our clients expect that security personnel are knowledgeable, experienced, professional in appearance, and prepared for the increased complexity of high-rise and office building security. We understand expectations for a management team that is responsive to both the clients and tenants. That is why Texas Republic Security provides continuous training and support to our officers.

We offer a full menu of services and programs to support our high-rise and office building clients.

  • Access Control Management
  • Security Console/Concierge Services
  • Fire Drill & Evacuation Procedure
  • Fire Alarm Training
  • CPR & First Aid Certified, and Parking Garage Security
  • Loading Dock Security

Hotel and Resorts

We are locally owned and operated and specialize in hiring security professionals to service the unique needs of the hotel, and resort industry. Texas Republic Security understands that the hospitality industry is dedicated to the three “C’s” of guest services: courteous staff, clean and safe accommodations, and an affordable cost. Texas Republic Security wants to become your trusted advocate in your quest for superior guest service, and is excited to offer new clients a customized incentive.


Specially Trained Security Officers For The Demands of H.O.A. community

We understand the very complex responsibilities of a H.O.A. and train our officers accordingly.

Association Responsibilities
• Maintain, protect, and enhance the value of the community.
• Govern the association in accordance with federal and state laws.
• Provide an information package to new homebuyers.
• Publish the names and addresses of all association officers and directors.
• Hold regular board and annual meeting.
• Provide an opportunity for resident participation in a ‘homeowner’s forum’ at each board meeting.
• Inform residents of annual assessments and special assessments.
• Provide an annual income statement and balance sheet to all owners.
• Provide a statement upon request by a resident.
• Enforce the restrictive covenants and other governing documents in a fair and consistent manner.
• Conduct meetings in accordance with specific guidelines.

For more information and a FREE on-site Security Consultation and quote, please call (210) 823-2475

Private Security vs Public Security

Contract Security
Police are excellent protectors for homes, private communities and Retail Shopping Centers. However, solely relying on public servants may not be enough. A police officer cannot be available to guard your entire premises on a constant basis, other calls and crimes may take precedence. This is why many companies and business owners turn to private security to handle their 24-hour security needs. A private security company can guard your premises day and night, and work with the police to make sure that you are not subject to vandalism or break-ins. In the event of an emergency, a private security company will ensure an immediate response. Texas Republic Security is the leader in professional private security. With Texas Republic Security guarding your premises, burglaries and vandalism will be a thing of the past. Texas Republic Security will establish a powerful presence at your facility, making sure that thieves are stopped in their tracks. Criminals will see that your business, retail shopping center, or community, is guarded by a professional private security company that knows how to keep them out. With private security, you can make sure that your facility is under constant surveillance and establish a strong security presence. Texas Republic Security officers are professionally trained for expert crime prevention. Our officers routinely guard gated communities, keeping residents and their families safe at night. We offer residential patrols to cover an entire gated community, making sure every home is protected.

Texas Republic Security is ready, willing, and fully capable to handle your private security needs. With Texas Republic Security in charge of your security operation, your communities, shopping centers, and office buildings will be safer, day and night.

For more information on our private security services, contact Texas Republic Security and Investigations LLC. today. For a FREE on-site Security Consultation and quote, please call (210) 823-2475.


Residential security services are a primary element of Texas Republic offerings. We provide security to a wide range of residential communities including gated communities, open-access communities, apartment complexes, and high-rise residential buildings.

While some clients require a high level of security visibility, others may prefer a much lower security profile.


Security Technology Solutions
Texas Republic Security takes the headache out of technology-assisted security solutions by integrating traditional security strategies with cutting-edge and comprehensive solutions. Our security technology services are cost-effective, scalable, and easily installable to meet clients’ specific needs.

  • Smart Phone and Tablet Solutions: Texas Republic Security Solutions provides on-site security personnel with a host of smart phone and tablet-based security functions including mobile reporting, asset tracking and visitor processing. (learn more)
  • Client Web Portal: At no additional cost, Texas Republic Security Web Portal allows clients 24-hour access to their own security control center, improving communication and notification channels between Texas Republic Security personnel and your team. (learn more)


Adoption is one of the most complicated situations you could ever find yourself in. You might be starting to notice that you look different than everyone else in your family or you feel that a vital part of you is missing, causing you to begin questioning everything about your identity. Finally, you find out that you were adopted and your whole world is shattered – just like that!

Even if that isn’t your situation, maybe you’ve known your whole life that you were adopted, you still find yourself curious about where you came from.

At Texas Republic Investigations, we understand how important it is to know about your birth family and where you come from. Throughout our many years in the business, we have been tasked with many adoption searches – finding birth parents, lost siblings, and other relatives from whom you may have been separated as a result of adoption.